Achieving Freedom Program – 10 Sessions 90 Minutes


For a complete healing cycle it takes 10 aspects of healing:

  • Awareness of who we are, what is our history and life experiences.
  • How did we respond to the impacts of these events, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?
  • Understanding the patterns that we have created and how they run through our daily lives.
  • Acceptance and letting go of key events that impacted us in our life, most often which happened in our early childhood.
  • Work with our inner child to change the patterns that govern our lives and enable the adult self to connect to their inner child.
  • Releasing traumatic events connected to mother, father and life experiences.
  • Forgiveness through the release of anger. Work with the resentments, remorse and regrets attached to the patterns created by our impactful events.
  • When these issues are healed, you are then able to create a new story, a new future, a rebirthing.
  • Repentance, going back in time to pave the road a new future.
  • Redemption completes the process of healing, by knowing that the old pattern and cycle has been resolved, and then we can create a new reality, new story, new movie.

Robert has created a 10 session program, 75 minutes each, that will guide you through an intensive healing process. The goal of the program is to manifest a change in a person’s life. The work that is done will help clear old feelings, emotions and beliefs that block the process of manifestation and change. The program goes beyond emotional and psychological level of work. It accesses the deeper level of soul healing where body, mind and spirit come together in affirmation. It is multi-dimensional work that helps clear our old baggage and manifest our true desires.

  • Achieve happiness, joy and fulfillment.
  • Achieve new beliefs, feelings and emotions that are empowering and motivating.
  • Achieve health and wellness.
  • Achieve the ability to be in a true relationship.
  • Achieve finding a soulmate and a life partner.
  • Achieve financial success.
  • Achieve being creative and motivated.
  • Achieve a true desire for your future.
  • Achieve freedom from imprinted experiences.
  • Achieve resolution of past life karma.
  • Achieve releasing negative thought form and spirits.
  • Achieve self worth.
  • Achieve manifesting your desires.

Location: Midtown Manhattan 192 Lexington Ave (32nd st) 2nd floor, New York, NY 10016
We will contact you within 24 hours with available times for your session.