Yom Kippur, a day of Solemnity and Celebration…

On the 10th day of the new year (tomorrow), in the month of Libra, we will celebrate the holiday of Yom Kippur. This day is also known as the day of Atonement, and called the day of At – Onement by Kabbalists. 

How does the day of Atonement become the day of At – Onement and what is the real purpose of this solemn day? 

The Yom Kippur service starts with the very famous prayer of Kol Nidrai during which we ask for forgiveness for vows and actions not completed in the previous year – we continue this theme throughout the prayers made over the next 25 hours by asking forgiveness for our actions that created negativity, whether from God or Humankind.  This is why it is called a day of Atonement. 

However, the Kabbalists explain that this day was not created so we can ask only for forgiveness, it was created so we can tap into the immense energy of the Supernal Binah Conciousness. Rabbi Berg called this place the Energy Store. Yom Kippur is the day we can drive up to the gas station (Binah) and fill our tank for the next year. For that reason, Yom Kippur is also a day of celebration and joy because we can connect to the Supernal Energy and fill our tank with the Life Force we will need for the coming year. We are happy to have the greatest opportunity to replenish! 

It is a day of At – Onement when we become one with the Creative Force.  All our actions and prayers, as explained by the Kabbalists, are means to achieve this connection where, personally and collectively,  Humanity has the opportunity to connect to the Light of the Supernal. But, in order to fill our tank to capacity we must clean it out of any debris (i.e. negativity) that we have accumulated during the year so we must ask for forgiveness first, from the Supernal, from our Fellow Man and from ourselves. We can now choose to let go of the “baggage” that has accumulated throughout the year so we can truly get our full mesure of Light for the coming year. 

We need to understand the real purpose of this day in order to use it to its full potential : all the rituals of this day (fasting, not wearing leather shoes, etc) are explained by the Kabbalists to be actions that allow us to connect fully and be At – Onement with the immense Supernal Energy of Binah… so since we are being fed by this great source of Light, we have no need for physical food so we fast, we don’t wear leather shoes so we can “disconnect” from Earth, and so on – the main goal of Yom Kippur is our connection to the above, so we let go of things that connect us to this physical world… 

I hope you find this information useful, and I wish  everyone an amazing Day of At – Onement. 

Robert Salvit
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