Soulgenics Healing Body, Mind and Spirit- 60min


”Soulgenics healing Session” 75 Minutes

In this session Robert will intuitively create a synergetic session of bodywork and metaphysical therapy to achieve a soul level healing. Robert’s emphatic, clairvoyant, and high sense perception allows him to intuitively channel information, healing and guidance. Robert will answer questions guide, teach, and coach.

Gateways to health and healing.
Healing body mind and spirit.

Spiritual health and wellness has become increasingly recognized as a key component to our health and well being. Our spiritual fitness is just as essential for our well-being as our mental fitness and physical fitness. We are more than just our physical bodies, our emotions and our thoughts.

Soulgenics is a system of work that integrates and cultivates all the dimensions of ourselves that we take for granted. When you’re spiritually fit, you’re more aligned with your mission, you’re tapped into intuition, you feel a greater sense of support and get aligned to your soul purpose. Being spiritually fit influences the body and mind in important ways that will help you Heal Yourself, Attract Synchronicities And Eliminate Negativity.
Robert has created new master protocols  that create a powerful framework for a body mind and spirit Well being. These new protocols combine many forms of healing geared to Get You Spiritually Fit And Aligned With Your Spirit’s Highest Purpose.