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Thank you Alejandro for your testimonial

I met Robert in a difficult time, probably the worst I’ve ever had, in a time when my life was at serious risk, on the board of collapse, having death as a possibility. Before having sessions with Robert i didn’t believe in psychology, Reiki healing nor any psych or metaphysic related therapy. But after months of having Robert at my side, with continues therapy, I not only highly increased my chances of beating Cancer, which I did, but also start believing in the system, in healing through your mind and soul. Now, each time I travel to NY for a couple of days -once a month- I meet him for 90 minutes which are always productive. Whenever I get out of his door I feel like weighing 20 pounds less! He is incredibly smart, empathetic and wise. There is no challenge I have ever faced with Robert that didn’t end up in outstanding solutions. For the ones with the highest standards, for the ones that will not be easily pleased, Robert will over achieve the expectations and will make one a believer! A believer that there is a light, and a guidance on the path to reach it.  Beating a level IV cancer is not a challenge it’s a mission, and you made it happened.  Thank you Robert, my family, friends and I will be forever grateful.